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About SA Charts

What is SA Charts?

SA Charts is an independant sheet music publshing and distribution agent based in South Africa. Using the world wide web, we are able to distribute both locally and internationally. Additionally, SA Charts offers the service of putting people in touch in the South African music industry. We are connected to the majority of composers, arrangers, engravers, conductors and performers across the country and can connect you with these professionals if you have specific needs. SA Charts is not genre-specific; we publish charts by writers of music in all idioms! Because of technicalities of international copyright law, we are able to publish considerably more arrangements of music by foreign composers within the South African territory than we are able to publish internationally. If you are in South Africa, please click here for your free brochure of our full catalogue!

Who gets involved in SA Charts?

We have a highly decorated team of music writing professionals working for us, involving working musicians, music academics and pro-am hobbyists. Amongst these are such names as Mike Campbell, John Davies and Gareth Walwyn. SA Charts is also not exclusive; we welcome new applicants and look forward to one day hosting music by all of South Africa's writers!     How do I join?!  

Sponsorship / Education

SA Charts intends to be actively involved in the education of the composition and arrangement disciplines in South African music education. If you would like to be involved as a sponsor, we are continually looking for sponsorship of computer and sound equipment, as well as monetary donations with which to buy software for schools and universities and other education institutions. Please click here to contact our sponsorship programme. If you would like to find out if your school or institution is eligible for SA Charts sponsorship, please click here to contact our education team.