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Writer Focus

Gareth Walwyn

Gareth Walwyn attended St John's College, studying under Bennie Oosthuizen and John Davies whilst there. He moved to Grahamstown and finished his secondary schooling at Kingswood College there.

Following a misguided hunch that computer science would lead to a more obvious career than music, he spent the next few years studying a Bachelor's degree in Science at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, eventually graduating just as his total number of years allowed for that degree ran to par.

A much more productive stint at UCT followed, during which he graduated both his honours and masters degrees in composition cum laude, and moved back to Grahamstown where he taught at St Andrew's College & the Diocesan School for Girls (DSG), and at Rhodes University.

He resigned at the end of 2005 in order to focus on the SAMRO Overseas Scholarship Competition - a gamble which paid off with him winning the first prize in August 2006. He returned to Rhodes in 2007 to begin his studies in education with a post-graduate certificate in education - a precursor to his plans to publish doctorally in music education.

He intends to move to Cuba in 2008 to take up his prize from SAMRO, studying the music which has fascinated him for the past decade.

Charts by Gareth Walwyn

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