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SA Charts Terms & Conditions of Sale

1) Prices quoted on this site are in South African Rands (ZAR).

2) Once you have accepted the terms and conditions in this document, your order will be emailed to SA Charts. You will also be emailed a copy, with an order number to be used in all correspondance relating to the order. It is critical that the email details you provide in your order are correct!

3) Your order will only be processed for postage once your monetary deposit has appeared in the SA Charts bank account. This deposit can be done electronically (using the details which will be emailed to you), or over the counter at any FNB branch (NB electronic deposit is cheaper; FNB charge a security fee for over-the-counter deposits).

4) Delivery will be done via the South African Post Office. If you specify a delivery address which they can not use, SA Charts will investigate having the material couriered to you and a new agreement and total cost will be negotiated with you via email.

5) Mechanical rights to all these pieces have been settled by SA Charts with their respective owners for their printed form. Hence by purchasing a piece, you are entitled to play it. In the case where you intend to publicly perform these works for profit, record them, re-distribute them in any form or adapt them in any way, SA Charts requires you to contact the owner of the work and negotiate an agreement with them for this. These rights are NOT included in the agreement of sale with SA Charts.

6) In buying a piece of music, you are buying a lifetime ownership of the printed publication. SA Charts will prosecute any copyright infringements (such as photocopying, scanning or other copying technique) to the fullest extent of the law. In the case where an original page is in any way damaged, simply send the damaged sheets together with a stamped, self-addressed envelope to SA Charts and we will send you back a new original free of charge!

7) If you need alterations, extensions or any re-arrangement or re-orchestration of the work, please contact SA Charts and we will negotiate with the writer on your behalf to have this done at a standard affordable fee.

8) Please support the musicians who created the music by completing the SAMRO live performance sheets (included in your order) and returning them to SA Charts, and earn SA Charts loyalty royalties! (Click here to learn more about loyalty royalties.)

9) If you provide information leading to the succesful discovery of people using copies (photocopies etc) of SA Charts material, you will also earn loyalty royalties! Furthermore, in any situation where such a case is taken to court and damages are paid to SA Charts, you will earn a percentage of any damages above the total sale cost of the material in question.

10) By buying a SA Charts chart, you become a member of the SA Charts family! Thank-you for your support and custom - please come back soon!